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Junior Journalist Update from Keller – By Joshua H.

Every year there are kids who do not get to open presents over the holiday break. Families need to spend money for necessities instead of gifts for their children. The Interact Club at Keller Junior High hosted a toy drive to support these families and make sure these kids have gifts to open.

Mrs. Leiva, one of the instructors of the Interact Club, told me that the team hoped to collect 500 gifts this holiday season. That is 500 presents collectively that kids wouldn’t have been able to open over their break. When the drive is over and the Keller community has donated as many gifts as they can, families in need can drive their kids to Keller where kids can choose their own toys to make sure they get what they want. It is a great program and for good reason; everyone involved puts in lots of effort!

Mrs. Leiva did a great job describing all the work the club put into setting up the toy drive. This is how she explained it: “We plan how we are going to collect the toys and holiday decorations.  We then plan on where we will collect and display everything. After all the details are figured out, we then promote our drive by submitting announcements and making posters for the teachers to hang in their classrooms. We decided to separate the 7th and 8th grade collections to create a competitive spirit. This helps us collect more toys when the grade levels are competing for a free advisory period in the gym.”

The students in Interact Club, like Angiarm N., have a huge role in the drive. Angiarm explained to me how the students do everything from overseeing the collection of toys to decorating the cafeteria. It is really encouraging that kids can help other families in their own community.

Not everyone in the world will open gifts over this holiday season, but thanks to the volunteers at Interact Club, Keller Junior High is doing what it can to to make sure that number is as small as possible.

District 54’s Junior Journalists are seventh- and eighth-grade students from each of our junior high schools and Lincoln Prairie School who write monthly stories about their building for the District 54 website.