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Junior Journalist Update from Keller – By Shreya P.

This is the time of year many people look forward to; it’s the time for gifts and cheer. However, many families in the Keller Junior High area aren’t as fortunate as others. They may not have the money to get toys during the holidays. There are many children out there that have a wish list, but may not get very much off of it. That’s why our Wildcats are here to help!

This month at Keller Junior High we hosted a toy drive to give back to the families that don’t get presents every year. Our school’s Interact Club, led by students, hosted this wonderful event. Our mission was to get at least 500 toys to donate. With a little competition and fun, the 7th and 8th graders raced head to head to see who could give the most toys back to our community. The final tally showed that the 7th graders donated 323 gifts, and the 8th graders had 195. For students who couldn’t purchase items but would love to give back, they had the chance to donate their Wildcat tickets which they have worked hard to earn. To gain these Wildcat tickets, we here at Keller choose to live above the line by helping others and going above and beyond. These same tickets have been offered to put towards purchasing more gifts for others. There was one student who even donated 200 of their own tickets!

At the end of the day though, it all comes from the bottom of our hearts to put a smile on other children’s faces. Every day there are students walking in with a few toys to donate. Do you know how many smiles that is? It’s more than we can ever count! During this time of year, it’s better to give than receive especially if it means to help less fortunate students. The lesson we are trying to give through this donation is that there is always time to give back and make others happy.  So, what do you say? Join the season of giving and help others out in your community!

District 54’s Junior Journalists are seventh- and eighth-grade students from each of our junior high schools and Lincoln Prairie School who write monthly stories about their building for the District 54 website.