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Junior Journalist Update from Addams – By Daniella P.

A poster at Addams about the Happiness AdvantageI have only been a 7th grader for about 3 months at Jane Addams and although that seems like a very short period of time, it still made me come to the realization of how amazing this school is. It has not only impacted my life, but many others.

Jane Addams makes people feel elated. This is not only because of the extracurricular activities, but because Jane Addams teaches students to be Crusaders, to be strong, and most importantly to have respect. A Crusader means to be a fighter. But the students and teachers are not just fighters, we persevere through challenges. Teachers impact their students to  leave their classrooms with a smile on their faces. When I, along with many other students, wake up for school, we are excited. Jane Addams makes sure that every student is safe thanks to our zero tolerance of bullying. By the end of each trimester each and every student makes huge progress in grades and many other things.

Jane Addams makes a difference in many things. The clubs and activities are one of the most educational and important things you would be able to find in this school. Examples of these electives are Media, STEM, Chorus and the wheel. The wheel is three electives in one. It consists of Media, Art and Music. Each semester you get one of the three. All of these electives teach students the importance of socializing and why we all need these things in the world. For example during Media Mr. Truppa, our Media teacher, talks about about how media can be found all around us. Many students have told me that they really enjoy these electives. In Media kids love to do announcements. In music students love to experience different instruments. In art they paint pictures of amazing buildings and nature. In Chorus we sing songs that make us feel on top of the world. Most importantly they all teach us about teamwork.

Some activities are girls basketball, boys basketball and poms. Some of the clubs are after school, including chorus, Reading with Iris the dog, and Fitness Club. Many students may not have a ride home, so Jane Addams offers an after-school bus every day which leaves at 4 p.m. when most clubs are over.

People at Jane Addams focus on making their parents and friends proud, being Crusaders, and having a growth mindset. We have a forward movement, meaning we do not look back and we continue to stay happy. Teachers tell their students that we need to stay together. We also talk about grades of course but if you get a bad grade they try to cheer you up. One bad grade will not impact how people look at you. You have to continue to strive for your goals and most importantly your happiness. Join the movement; you will be happy you did. I would like to thank the staff at Jane Addams for making this school year very special to all of us students.

District 54’s Junior Journalists are seventh- and eighth-grade students from each of our junior high schools and Lincoln Prairie School who write monthly stories about their building for the District 54 website.