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Junior Journalist Update from Addams – By Ryan K.

At Addams Junior High, students and teachers went to an assembly where we were taught how and why we should be happy. We learned that if you are happy, you are almost certain to live longer. If that doesn’t motivate you enough, then maybe the fact that being happy also combats stress, aches and pains, and even makes your immune system stronger.

At the assembly we read a story about an orange frog living among all green frogs. All the frogs who were green were always miserable, feeling nothing at all. The day that they had to move to a new pond, the orange frog moved to a pond with again, only green frogs. As time went on he realized that being happy meant that he was able to catch more flies, and even jump higher. The group of frogs he was living with noticed, and they tried becoming happy so that they would be able to catch more flies too.

Then the birds came around looking for food. The orange frogs were terrified, as their bright colors were instantly visible amongst the grass. When the birds got there, they definitely saw the frogs all right. But they didn’t do anything. The birds believed that because the frogs were happy and orange, that they were poison. They moved on to the mean, awful green frogs. The lesson of the story is that being happy always has many benefits, ranging from not becoming food, to becoming a better person overall.

To go along with the new theme, art club members got to paint the orange frog as a mural. Teachers are wearing “Happiness Is A Choice” shirts all around the building, and we stop caring if we stand out in order to be happy. After all, happiness is a choice.

District 54’s Junior Journalists are seventh- and eighth-grade students from each of our junior high schools and Lincoln Prairie School who write monthly stories about their building for the District 54 website.