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Junior Journalist Update from Mead – By Ella S.

Recently, the Mead Newspaper Club put out a Reader’s Poll regarding the “Mead Way” on their digital “Mustang Messenger” newspaper in October. “The Mead Way: It’s What We Do.” Essentially it is our plan or purpose for this school year to achieve success. The “Mead Way” aims at uniting the school into a common goal. Together, with this goal in mind as a school we will liken our success as a whole. The Mead Ways are: Consistency, Positivity, and Growth.

Consistency means to set expectations and hold them. Staying consistent is key in being prepared and short and long term success. You may apply consistency by developing a homework routine, organizing for efficiency, and managing your time wisely (don’t procrastinate work!). But consistency does not always relate to short-term or tangible routines. If we give 110 percent effort forth every day at school, in all your classes, then you are being consistent in the effort you give in. Practicing consistency ensures that day by day, little by little, you will continue inching toward success.

Positivity refers an optimistic attitude or perspective we choose to look at things with. Positivity is important to keep us motivated and to persevere. To practice positivity, we can approach failures with growth mindset, use the key of Failure Leads to Success, and persevere during times of challenge. Spread your positivity to others too. By embracing your school spirit, individuals can have a big impact on the culture and atmosphere of your school.

Growth is extremely important for success. We must keep improving, reflecting, and revising ourselves and our actions to be headed for the right path of success. Some ways to ensure growth is to follow through on Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) action plans, utilize resources diligently and wisely (such as Chromebooks), and use and practice a growth mindset. It is vital that we keep striving for improvement; by doing this, we will reach our goal.

In this Reader’s Poll, we asked all the different students in the school about their “Mead Way” for this year. What I found interesting is that the results are almost evenly split between the three areas – 30.2 percent chose Consistency, 34.9 percent chose Positivity, and 34.9 percent selected Growth. However, the form only had 86 responses vs. the 636 students at Mead – exactly 318 seventh graders and 318 eighth graders. So that means that only 13.5% of students actually took the survey. Therefore, although this data is very interesting, it does not encompass the whole school. Nevertheless, it still gives a very exciting snapshot of Mead.

District 54’s Junior Journalists are seventh- and eighth-grade students from each of our junior high schools and Lincoln Prairie School who write monthly stories about their building for the District 54 website.