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Superintendent’s Message: PTAs help make difference in our schools

The goal of School District 54 is ensuring student success both academically and in terms of the social/emotional well-being of our students.

To achieve that goal, we rely on the efforts of many people that help our students learn at high levels and also become able, caring, resilient adults.

District 54 is fortunate to have an extremely supportive community. One organization that we constantly rely on for support is the Parent Teacher Association or Parent Teachers Student Association at each of our 28 schools.

I wanted to use my February column to thank the members of the PTA, because Feb. 17 is PTA Founders’ Day. On Founders’ Day, PTAs across the nation celebrate work of their founders “to better the lives of every child in education, health and safety.”

The Schaumburg Township Council of PTAs and the PTA units at each of our 28 schools have long been valuable partners to District 54 and strong advocates for education and parent involvement.

Our principals and assistant principals work closely with the PTAs at their schools, and I meet monthly with the PTA Council that represents all 28 schools. While these meetings foster two-way communication with the PTA, I also value these relationships because I know the PTA is a connection to our entire parent community.

The PTAs have long played a crucial role in our schools. They offer parent education through newsletters and special events. They encourage and support volunteers in our schools and often help us connect to businesses and other organizations for partnerships.

They have also been instrumental in welcoming new families to our schools, starting at kindergarten registration in February and Welcome Back events in August.

Although many of you know the PTAs for the fun activities they host and the work they do in our schools, the Schaumburg Township Council has also been a strong advocate for District 54.

The council advocated alongside our district against former Senate Bill 16, which would have redistributed state aid and cost the district an estimated $12.5 million annually — about $1,000 per student.

The PTA distributed resources to be used to provide information to parents: a PowerPoint presentation, a letter from me, talking points based on the Illinois PTA Legislation Platform and a sample letter that could be used to contact representatives.

The council even put together a traveling team of speakers to explain the bill and its ramifications at school PTA meetings.

Through the tireless volunteer efforts of PTA members in District 54, worthwhile endeavors have been undertaken that make a difference in the education, health and safety of our students.

We truly appreciate all of the support we receive from the PTA, our parent community and from everyone who works with us to ensure student success in District 54. We know that we need this support to provide the best education for the children in this community.