Guidelines for Salary Lane Credit

1. You must attend all sessions of a class and sign in on the attendance sheet at each session to earn Salary Lane Credit.  Arriving late and leaving early must be approved with the instructor.

2. No shows cause problems and disappoint people who were turned away.  You can remove yourself from a session by following the transcript link through the online registration.  Click on the class name from which you wish to cancel registration.

3. Registrants can generate a copy of their own transcript through the District 54 online registration site.  The transcript should be sent to Diana Peters @ Personnel.  When 15 hours of Salary Lane credits are accumulated, you will earn one graduate credit.

4. Please be advised that course offerings are added or changed regularly.  Updated information can be found on the District 54 web page.

5. Classes not meeting minimum registration may be canceled.

6. You may repeat salary lane credit classes, but you may only earn credit once.

7. Seats are available in each class for substitute teachers, non-certified staff and community members.