What students are learning now  will define the quality of your workforce tomorrow. By teaming up with education, business can ensure a future supply of quality employees with the skills necessary to succeed in a global economy.

A partnership is defined as “A mutually supportive arrangement between a business, community organization or agency and a school or school district in which the partners commit themselves to specific goals and activities intended to benefit students and their achievement.”

While some partners make material or monetary contributions to a school or district, people resources are equally valuable. Partnerships may involve business employees or organization members as mentors, coaches or guest lecturers.

Goals for a Successful Partnership:

  • Bring business, civic, higher education and other community resources directly and personally into the schools to work with students, teachers and administrators on jointly planned and implemented projects.
  • Provide genuine enhancements to learning in the classroom.
  • Give students, teachers and administrators realistic views of the private sector and what preparation is needed to succeed in it.
  • Give business and community representatives an understanding of the educational system – how it works, its strengths and its challenges
For more information on starting a partnership call one of our schools or contact Kathy Canary at (847) 357-5027.