Eighth Grade Course Descriptions

810 Algebra

This course will develop the fundamental principals of algebra. Course topics will include algebraic symbolism, simplifying equations, solutions to elementary equations and graphic representations associated with variables. This course will introduce algebraic processes applied to word problems.

820 Accelerated Algebra I

This course, incorporating the consistent use of real numbers and a problem solving approach, emphasizes the principles of algebra, including algebraic symbolism, simplifying complex expressions, solutions to linear and quadratic equations, and graphic representations associated with variables. Students will apply algebraic representations to word problems and analyze the nature of changes in linear and non-linear relationships.

830 Accelerated Geometry

This accelerated course is a comprehensive study of plane and solid geometry including constructions, formulas for measurement and formal proofs. It is based on the axioms and theorems that relate points, lines, planes and solids. Many of the topics are covered in great depth, especially area and volume of solids. Additional emphasis is placed on the integration of algebraic techniques in solving geometric problems.